Stratford Shakespeare Festival in the Media

2015 Festival

ABC Radio - 2015 Festival

I bet you when William Shakespeare was writing his plays, he would never imagined that hundred's of years later people would still be getting excited about them. The Stratford on the River Shakespeare festival will kick off its 2015 season on 23rd April and once again it will be jam packed with events activities. Lisa Hayman is one of the organisers of this mammoth event and had a chat with Saturday Breakfast Presenter Adam Dunning about all things Shakespeare. Click here to listen to the full feature & interview

ABC Radio - The Sheila Malady short story competition

ABC Gippsland chatted with one of our committee members, Ang Vogt, about the Sheila Malady Short Story competition and this year's writing competition theme - 'What's Done Cannot Be Undone'. You can listen to the full interview online here.


2014 Festival

WIN Local News Feature - Avon Village Market & Faire Day 2014

Gavin Roberts, Lisa Hayman and Castelle Dugan speak about this year's festival on WIN News. This year's festival celebrates William Shakespeare's 450th birthday. Click here to view the story online that was aired on May 5, 2014.

ABC Radio National Feature - 'Much Ado About Nothing' 2014 Community Play

Georgia Moodie from Books and Arts Daily on ABC Radio National spent some time with the Community Play cast and directors. Listen to the full feature online here. To read about it, click hereThe feature was aired on April 30, 2014.

The Gippsland Times - Celebrating the Bard's Birthday: Festival Opening 2014

Four-hundred-and-fifty years ago, in the picturesque town of Stratford upon Avon in England, the greatest writer in the English language was born.

His plays have stood the test of time, and William Shakespeare was celebrated in Stratford, of the Wellington Shire variety, on Wednesday night, with his birth and death date marking the official opening of the Shakespeare on the River Festival. For the full feature that was published on April 24, click here.

ABC Radio Saturday Breakfast - Moonlight Cinema & the 2014 Festival

Lisa Hayman is one of the organisers of the Shakespeare festival and joined Adam Dunning in the studio on April 12, 2014 to talk about the upcoming festival and Shakespeare. You can listen to the full interview online here.

Stratford's Big Break: Channel 7's 'Coxy's Big Break' films segment with 2014 Community Play cast members

The Gippsland Times, Friday March 14, 2014

 (L-R) Jo Walsh, Anita Hensen, Coxy's Big Break reporter Rhys Uhlich, Lisa Hayman, Rachael Nichols

 (L-R) Jo Walsh, Anita Hensen, Coxy's Big Break reporter Rhys Uhlich, Lisa Hayman, Rachael Nichols

Episode aired on Sunday, March 23


William Cotter - 1st Place Melbourne Shakespeare Society Writer Award

Stratford on Avon Shakespeare Association veteran committee member William Cotter was recently awarded joint first place in a writing competition hosted by the Melbourne Shakespeare Society

Mr Cotter shared his first prize with a fellow writer from Canterbury, England.

We wish him the warmest congratulations on his endeavour.

The winning sonnet is as follows:


I remember them well. The ghostly sheep,
New shorn and bearing the moon on their backs.
Complete as continents and tossing heap
On heap of hay, Hereford cattle. Tracks

Mud filled or dry we followed. Clouds we turned
To cruisers or canyons. Make- believe troops
Of Nazis we ambushed. Bracken we burned.
Chickens we harassed and chased from their coops.

At a school assembly the two boys killed
By falling bricks. Time, when mother fell ill,
Spent on a bustling wheat farm, each day filled
With bristling heat and a child’s voiceless will
To be home. All carefully filed away.

But don’t ask where I parked our car today.

2013 Festival

The Gippsland Times - Official Opening of the 2013 festival

Stratford's Shakespeare on the River Festival was officially opened by deputy mayor Carolyn Crossley among busy mayhem on Tuesday night. For the full feature that was published on April 25, 2013 click here.

The Gippsland Times - 2013 Faire Day

To view a selection of images from the 2013 Faire Day taken by the Gippsland Times, click here.

2012 Festival

ABC RADio - Faire Day

The Stratford Shakespeare festival never fails to delight fans of the man who gave us Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet. Clearly not persuaded by the recent film questioning William Shakespeare's literary authenticity, Gippsland locals were out in force to celebrate the final day of the annual festival. Click here to view some images from the day and hear a series of interviews with local community volunteers

The Gippsland Times - 2012 Faire Day

Stratford's Shakespeare Festival is going from strength to strength, with people from across Gippsland and beyond flocking to the main festival day on Sunday. For the full feature published on May 7, 2012 click here.

The Gippsland Times - Festival Opening & Opening of the Stratford Arts Trail

Two hundred and fifty members of the Stratford community packed out the Mechanics Hall on Sunday for the opening of the Shakespeare festival and arts trail walk. Click here to read the full feature that was published on April 23, 2012.