The Sheila Malady Short Story Competition


In 2014, the Shakespeare on the River Festival's short story competition was launched.

The idea for this came from a task set in a writing group - write a short story inspired by one of the plays written by Shakespeare. And why not? Shakespeare's plays have been adapted, re-envisioned, and re-cast throughout time. Original works have been created when one wonders what happened next, or off the stage, or what if?  Some are characters dearly beloved that take on a new life in the hands of another writer; others are time old tales staged in a modern context.  At its heart, this competition is about celebrating and breathing new life into the works of Shakespeare by inviting writers to send us their own creations. 

Sadly, In September 2014 one of our inaugural judges, Sheila Malady, passed away. Sheila was a long standing member of the Shakespeare on the River Festival instrumental member since the inception of the Festival and was a wealth of knowledge on all things Shakespeare and always on hand to guide members, new and old. To honour her love of Shakespeare, the English language and her dedication to the Festival, it was fitting to rename the short story competition in her honour. 

Details for the Sheila Malady Short Story Competition in 2019 are now yet available. Head to our 2019 competition page HERE for full details and conditions of entry

You can view our winning entries below by clicking on the title of the winning story titles. 


Past Winners:

'Girl in the Street' by Susan Francis (Open Section Winner)
'The Little World of Ron Camello' by Barbara Fulton (Gippsland Section Winner)
'For the Love of Grief' by Naomi McClarty (Youth Section Winner)

'Real Ticker' by Joshua Pomare (Open Section Winner)
'A Prison with No Bars' by Patricia Anderson (Gippsland Section Winner)
'Speechless' by Kylie Delanoy (Youth Section Winner)

'For Maggie' by Christine Johnson (Open Section Winner)
'A Time to Surrender' by Vicki Daddo (Gippsland Section Winner)
'The Man with a Voice Like a River' by Daisy Andrews (Youth Section Winner)

The Cage I've Left, The One I'm In' by Alana Kelsall (Open Section Winner)

'Lady Bountiful' by Sue Webster (Open Section Winner)