“Shakespeare Through the Ages”

Opened on April 22, 2012


To develop an interactive town walking trail using mainly existing paths and infrastructure to provide a means of festival rediscovery for locals and encourage visitors to dwell and take time to appreciate the creative art and festival culture of our fascinating town.

By forming this trail, we are uniting many community groups through story, song, history, art, drama and nature whilst simultaneously giving our festival an interactive presence 365 days of the year. This trail is a central link in moving the festival through the town helping incorporate local businesses during the festival.


Using the skills of the Stratford community we are creating a simple walking route. Guided by a basic DL postcard map and MP4 player, visitors and locals are able to go on individual guided tours that can be travelled over five times with a totally different experience each time. Walking the trail encourages exercise, art, history and imagination.

How it works

$3 single & $10 family (2 x Adults & 2 x Children), covers MP4 hire from the Stratford on the River Caravan Park or Shakespeare's Segue Cafe, and Complementary Map/Postcard

Select your walk commentary from either Artist statements, Theatrical Drama, Music, Story, or History.

Each walk takes the same route with Ten Tracks or segments on MP4. As you walk, listen to the story within the thought spaces, and be entertained by songs while walking between points. Next time, listen to the Artist statements while viewing the work in the spaces and Shakespeare sonnets between them on your walk. Once participants reach each of the thought spaces, you are encouraged and inspired to think about or create your own story to be shared and used within the festival.


Using three local artists, we have commissioned nine sculptured spaces that are strategically positioned along the trail (red dots) as well as utilising the WOMB sculptures on the Northern end of McMillan Street .


We use the 10 tracks already recorded by local song writers for the Shakespeare association in 2010 in collaboration with Charles Jenkins.


Using local children’s author David Luxford, we adapt a ten chapter story line of discovery for children incorporating the sculpture and nature. Copies of this story are for sale in Segue.


We utilise existing Historic society to provide information on the architectural history narrated on mp4.