Shakespeare on the River Festival Perpetual Awards

Janice Jones Youth Achievement Award

Our longest standing perpetual award, the Janice Jones award is presented to a young person who has gone above and beyond in the areas of acting, technical support, musical ability, and/or outstanding support and contribution to the Festival.

The Janice Jones Youth Achievement Award has been presented by the Shakespeare committee since 2003 when it was established by the Jones family in honour of Janice one of the founding members of the Stratford on Avon Shakespeare Association.


2018: Jake Watson
2017: Deanna King
2016: Lauren Reid
2015: Castelle Dugan
2014: Samantha Scicluna
2013: Lisa Hayman
2012: Benn Sargood
2011: Matt Bullers
2010: Brinagh Hassett
2009: John Dwyer
2008: Dylan Hammond
2007: Alexis Ingram
2006: Sheena McClenaghan
2005: Jodi Knight
2004: Ken McClure
2003: Alissa Luxford

Sheila Malady Award - Best Actor (Community Play)

Awarded to an actor who shows outstanding stagecraft and theatrical skill over the season of the Annual Shakespeare on the River Festival Community Play.

Sheila Malady was a founder of the Shakespeare on the River Festival being actively involved from its conception in 1990 through to her passing in 2014. Not only did Sheila inspire hundreds of local people with her knowledge and skill in the written and spoken word, but also established lifelong connections through her involvement in the Stratford sister cites program which still runs today between the cities and towns of Stratford around the world.

Past Recipients:

2017: Adam Blanch as 'Narrator' in Two and in Coriolanus
2016: Jake Watson as 'Valentine' in The Two Gentlemen of Verona
2015: Robert Leggett as 'Macbeth' in Macbeth & Samantha Grave as 'Lady Macbeth' in Macbeth
2014: Joanne Walsh as 'Beatrice' in 'Much Ado About Nothing

Joan McCloud Award - Best Production Costuming

Awarded to the theatre company with the best overall costuming design across the production.

Joan McCloud came to Stratford from England and established herself in the region quickly running small businesses in Stratford for decades. Joan was a bright and quick witted soul with a keen eye for shape and form. Her skill as a dressmaker was quickly embodied into the fabric of the Shakespeare Festival from its early days. Joan’s works are still being worn and preserved for generations to come and skills lost with her passing in 2012 will be missed. Known as the Queen of Shakespeare, Joan has left us all with a great smile and fond memories.


2017: The Rude Mechanicals for 'After the Tempest'
2016: Woodstock Park Productions for 'Poison Heart'
2015: Australian Shakespeare Company: Bravehearts for 'A Comedy of Errors'